Girls Rock MKE is an all volunteer run organization.  These are the folks that dedicate their time and efforts year round!


Valeri Lucks, Co-Founder/Executive Director

Valeri has loved music since she was a little girl secretly spinning country records on her dad’s record player.  When she discovered garage bands and punk rock in her formative years, she fell for music even harder.  She took formal piano lessons throughout childhood and is about to start learning to play the fiddle in the hopes that someday she can be in a honky tonk band.  Growing up in Chicago, her parents always told her she could be anything she wanted to be.  She was raised to believe women were strong, smart and could change the world!  When she’s not organizing Girls Rock Milwaukee, Valeri runs her restaurants, makes really good pie, rides her horse JJ and goes on long road trips with her dog Jess.  Valeri decided to start Girls Rock Milwaukee because she believes music is one of the best ways for a girl to find out who she is and to share it with the world.

Ashley Smith, Co-Founder/Creative Director

Ashley grew up in a musical family. Her mother was always writing and singing original songs on the piano. With a little persuasion her father will croon like the best of 'em. Her brother was always playing the drums and now makes original beats while dreaming of being a producer. It's in the blood. When Ashley found the underground music scene in high school, everything changed. Music became her whole life. She sings in local bands and enjoys supporting Milwaukee's local music scene.  When she isn't organizing Girls Rock Milwaukee, Ashley is involved with organizing both Hover Craft and Maker Market. She also enjoys buying and selling vintage clothing, watching horror movies with her husband, and eating pizza. Ashley wanted to help organize Girls Rock Milwaukee because there is nothing more powerful than music and nothing more inspiring than girls playing it!

Ron Starke, Managing Director

At the age of seven, Ron discovered his older brothers’ records left behind in the basement. He was a painfully shy kid but hearing those strange and huge sounds pouring out of those dark discs changed his world. Growing up, music became part of his daily diet. He would spend hours glued to MTV, listening to radio shows late on a school night, obsessing over mix tapes and seeing as many concerts as his allowance would allow. However, it wasn’t until he had the courage to take to the stage and sing in his first band that Ron fully understood how music can help a shy, quiet kid find his voice. These days, Ron gets to share his steady diet of music with his amazing wife and still wrecks chords on his guitar writing and singing songs. Ron is honored to be a part of Girls Rock and to have the chance to help other shy, quiet kids find their voice and rock out!

Amanda Griffin, Financial Director

Chris Luccas, Gear Director

Beth Felch, Volunteer Director

Girls Rock Camp is an intense week of rock-n-roll fun and it takes quite a few hands to pull it off! 

THANK YOU to our 2016 Camp Volunteers - we could not have done this without you:

Addie Skillman, Amanda Griffin, Amy Upthagrove, Amy Wesolowski, Anna Rasmussen, Arielle Mayer, Ashlee Whitty, Ashley Smith, Bayden Frayley, Becky Vest, Beth Ann Nowak, Beth Felch, Bethany Vannest, Cassie Maldonado, Chris Luccas, Cindy Conrad, Corey Hengen, Cris Siqueira, Debbie Ribbink, Dori Zori, Dwellephant, Elly Hazard, Emily Kolcu, Emma DeBord, Erin Wolf, Hannah Pardee, Jason Gessner, Jenny Kilkenny, Jessica Frieburger, Jillian Rouleau, Joolz Kaczmarek, Kate O'Keefe, Kelsey Kaufmann, Lauren Landa, Lisa O'Neil, Lorinda Flores, Mallory Bree, Mark Lee, Mary Joy Hickey, Maxine Hengen, Melody Sorenson, Nick Elert, Nyanna Krajewski, Pat Krajnak, Patty Thompson, Robyn Lucks, Rose Torkildson, Sarah Fiebelkorn, Sarah Jankowski, Sharon Clausz, Sid McCain, Stefanie Klopp, Susan Ruether, Tattiana Bility, Tracy Grundy, Troy Wahl.